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Sometimes All We Need is Opportunity

When one person realizes their potential, the impact doesn’t stop there, it changes communities. This statement is the first thing you see on our website, and it expresses one of the most important reasons we do what we do. Becky…

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An Interview with Emmanuel

An Interview with Emmanuel Lalpienglom Halam   What is your position with For One Life? (Name and position and a brief description). Ans:    My position with For One Life is a music director. There are two main fields where I…

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Interview with Johnson Joute

  We keep going on with our monthly staff interviews. We hope you have been enjoying them so far. This time, we are extremely grateful to be able to present you another one by a really special person. Please get…

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Staff Interviews: Jubilee!

We are excited to continue with our staff interview series. It has been a huge blessing so far to see the growth in every single person who works with us in For One Life. So let’s go on by presenting…

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Staff Interviews: Rebecca

We are excited to continue with our second blog-interview! Please meet Rebecca, an amazing staff member who always surprises us with her work in our Children’s Programs! Rebecca, what is your position with For One Life? I am the director…

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Staff Interviews: Eljay

Our organization wouldn’t be anything without our selfless and generous staff and volunteers! We are thankful for their sacrificial serving and the way they invest their time into developing the local community. Therefore, we think it is essential to present…

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