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Merlin King

Hi, I’m Merlin King, FOL Board Secretary/Treasurer and I have been a member of
For One Life since its inception in 2012.
I first visited India as an 18-year-old young man, searching for some adventure, with
no idea what I was about to encounter. What I experienced changed my life forever.
I saw homeless beggars lying on the sidewalks and street corners begging for what
would amount to a penny or two. Filthy, half naked children roaming the streets,
begging, stealing and doing some little tricks in return for money or food. I traveled
to regions where it felt like I had traveled back in time, where electricity was
available for only a couple of hours a day in a house where the floor was dirt.
A man’s wage for a hard day of construction work amounted to less than two
dollars. Where parents put every dollar possible towards getting their child to a
school because education was their only hope to break the vicious cycle of poverty.
As a young man who had grown up without giving a second thought to where my
next meal would come from, whether I could afford to go to school or find a good
paying job, I didn’t know how to process what I had experienced. The needs were
so great, and so overwhelming, that it felt pointless to even try.
What difference could I make?
But now, these were no longer just faces or photographs in a book; I considered these people my friends,
brothers and sisters
even, how could I do nothing? Through these and similar experiences, the vision for For One Life was born.
No, we couldn’t help
everyone as the needs were so great, but could we help one? or two? or one family? or one community? I truly
believe that we
have been Blessed to be a Blessing. If we’ve been given much, then much is expected of us.
For One Life gives me an opportunity to direct those blessings, whether finances, voluntary service, prayer,
and much more,
directly to those who need it most in Northeast India. For One Life is working closely with native schools,
churches, families and
youth to educate, train and provide opportunities to those who have few. We are giving hope to children and
young people to
break the cycle of poverty and resources to develop the skills that they need to advance in life.

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