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Around the world, there are communities where talent is untapped, cities are underdeveloped, and opportunity is rare. These latent aspects of thriving communities stunt growth not just of the community, but also of the people who live there. As a result, futures become uncertain, replaced by dangerous behavior and addiction that rule temporary leisure time.

For One Life invests in these communities by focusing on one person at a time. We build physical infrastructure that creates new places for personal development and community engagement.  When people realize their potential as leaders, the impact doesn’t stop there.  Entire communities thrive.


For One Life exists to assist individuals, organizations, and communities through Community Development Projects, Children and Youth Programs, and Partner Projects.


For One Life started with this belief: We know we can’t do everything, but we refuse to do nothing.  We each are only one, but we are still one who can have an impact.  So we constantly ask ourselves, “Are we doing enough?”

The men and women here are dedicated to partnering with communities and people who believe the same thing, whether for their local communities or as funding partners from afar:


Michael Esh,
International Director

Rosalyn Esh,
Leadership Team

Elvin King,
Leadership Team

Susan Hall,
Administrative Assistant

Chris Straka,
Director of Development

Darcy Straka,
Re-Claim It Home Center Director

Tom Eby,
Leadership Team/India Team


Elvin King,

Matthew Esh,
Vice Chairman

Merlin King,

Michael Esh

Sam Esh

Marv Esh

Kevin McClarigan

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For more information on the Kevin J Esh Memorial Fund, please click here.