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Matt Esh

Hello, I’m Matt Esh, a board member at For One Life, and I’ve had the privilege of being
involved since 2009. My initial introduction to India was in the early 2000’s when the
childrens choir from Northeast India visited our area. Over time, I got to know some of the
choir members and staff which eventually led me to travel to India to help with a hospital
building project. This experience was truly eye-opening as it revealed the needs in that part
of the world, highlighting the stark contrasts between our lives in America and the challenges
faced by people in Northeast India and other parts of the world.
Access to basic amenities such as electricity, local hospitals, or the opportunity to get a
decent job so that you can support a family were never something that I needed to worry
about or really even thought about before I took that trip. When I was invited to join the FOL
board and heard about the organization’s vision of creating new opportunities for young
people in the region and providing support to widows, I knew I wanted to be part of this
mission. Witnessing the progress we’ve made over the years and the support from all of you,
and people all across the country has been truly inspiring.

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