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An Interview with Emmanuel

An Interview with Emmanuel Lalpienglom Halam

Emmanuel at Kingdom Kids, Semester 2


  1. What is your position with For One Life? (Name and position and a brief description).

Ans:    My position with For One Life is a music director. There are two main fields where I play the role of a music director; Sunday afternoon fellowship and Kingdom Kids. Also, we occasionally visit different places like churches and schools to do programs for the children there.

Sunday Afternoon Fellowship:  The Sunday afternoon fellowship is happening after the main services of the local churches, while the youth are free. This gathering is for everyone who is interested; so far, the majority of the attendees are youth. The fellowship includes singing, sharing, and a time of fellowship.

Kingdom Kids: Kingdom Kids is a program for children. The program is held in four different villages. Every Saturday, we visit two villages. The program includes singing, drama, teaching, and crafts.


  1. What is your daily task?

Ans: As I am working with the volunteers, most of my work is during the evening – when the volunteers are free. My work is divided between preparing for Kingdom Kids and preparing for the Sunday gathering.

Daily Task

  • Kingdom Kids
  • Every Monday, me and other leaders of the Kingdom Kids come together and review our previous program and also pre-plan for the upcoming practice and program.
  • Every first and third Monday and Friday evening of the month, the volunteers meet for practice. Here, I’m involved in preparing for the different activities, such as drama, teaching, and craft.
  • Every Saturday we visit two villages for the Kingdom Kids program.


  • Sunday Fellowship
  • Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, I and the team meet for practice.
  • Every Sunday at 12.30 pm we come together and have rehearsal for 2 pm


  1. How did you start working for For One Life? (Briefly describe how you came to know about the organization and how you start working).

Ans:    For One Life was not new to me when I joined the organization. I have known the organization for the past two years. Children’s Retreat (children’s program) and Life Cafe are the two ways I knew about the organization.

I had already been impressed with the work of the organization, and then one night, a close friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in working in a children’s program. I said yes, because I love children, but I did not know that it was going to be with For One Life. As we talked in more detail, I came to know that it was For One Life. I already love the work of For One Life, and when I knew there is another project for children I was more impressed and willing to help. When I went for the interview, it was done by none other than the people I knew very well. After many questions of my interest and my experiences, they elected me to work with For One Life.


Kingdom Kids


  1. From your personal perspective, what are you trying to achieve by doing the work you do?

Ans: I enjoy the work I am assigned to do and I believe I am doing what I am supposed to do. There are many things I would like to achieve, some are;

  • Trying to understand the psychology of the children
  • Trying to have more experience in working with children.
  • Wanting to learn and experience teamwork.
  • Wanting to gain experience in leadership.


  1. What effect has your work/ministry had on the local community?

Ans:    Looking back on the Kingdom Kids program, in the four villages, the leaders of the village informed us that the children were blessed with all the activities we had done. They began to learn new songs, crafts and also games. Even the local teachers from the villages saw the need to learn many ways to interact, teach and train children.


  1. What impact do you hope to see on the community in the future as the result of the work of For One Life?

Ans:    So far, the work of the organization has had a great result and I believe there is more result yet to come up. Our community is a community where children and youth were not regarded much important. I believe that For One Life will be a great example in the future in training children and youth for the people of our community. The people will get to know the importance of children and youth and will be more serious in training children and youth. One vision which I see will happen in future is small organization in each community, to uplift and develop their society through children and youth.


  1. Tell a short story about an interaction that you’ve had with a specific person during your work with For One Life?

Ans:    There have been many people with whom I talk especially related to Kingdom Kids. There was a woman in one of the villages whose two children joined the Kingdom Kids. She was really happy with the program. She thanked me many times for the program. She told me that the children were happy and enjoying it a lot. What I love about her saying is their family is blessed. I asked her why? She replied to me by saying that her children always sing the songs we taught them. They shared the story to their parent and asked them question related to the story we have played. She continued saying, their neighbors are also blessed.



  1. Share a struggle that you face in doing day to day NGO work/ministry?

Ans:    So far, I have not faced any problem or struggle with the organization, rather I enjoy working. I am happy that I am a part of the organization. Even though I work for the organization I remind myself that I am working for a greater purpose. It is my desire that the organization grows and the world be blessed.


  1. How are some ways that other members of the For One Life team encourage and motivate you?

Ans:    I have seen many people working in different organizations. Many are working for the salary so that they can support their family. But the members of For One Life are different. Yes, for sure, they are working so that they can earn. But besides that, they have a heart to serve the community. They give their best. I witness their joy in their job. One thing I love the most is there is transparency among the team. We share together, we laugh together, and we have fun together. Their heart to serve people, their transparency, the joy and fun encourages and motivate me.


  1. How has serving the community changed you personally?

Ans:    I was born in a really poor family, and was later adopted. People did not recognize me. I did not have much opportunity to serve my community because my background was poor. People did not want to recognize the little thing I could do. As soon as I started working with this organization, people began to believe in me. They began to believe that I can do something. That changes the way they looked at me. There is respect and honor.



  1. What is the biggest joy or blessing that you personally have received because of your work with For One Life?

Ans:    The first thing that makes me happy is I am working for a great cause. The second is I am secured with finance. What also makes me so blessed, is I have a new family. I have been having a friend, but not like the friend who just works with me. They are more than a friend to me. We share everything together. I feel like home when I’m working with them. There is joy, peace and fun.


  1. In which personal areas do you feel that you need to grow in order to serve the community more effectively?

Ans:    I understand myself that I have to grow in every area of my life.

  • I need more experience in field work.
  • I need to have more experience in leadership.
  • I have to learn how to be a friend with the people.
  • I need to have the ability to adapt myself according to the situation of the community I am working with.


  1. What is your favorite For One Life project (besides the one you are currently involved in) and why?

Ans:    I would say the Community Life Center, because, I could see great future for the youth there. I can see that it is going to change the future of the youth. It is also going to be a challenge to other communities.


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