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Kevin McClarigan

Hello, my name is Kevin McClarigan and I serve on the For One Life Board. I joined the For One
Life Board in July, 2017.
I have heard John Maxwell, author and speaker, use this definition of leadership. “A leader is one
who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” There are so many leaders in the For One
Life organization, but one leader who has impacted me the most stands out by this definition. She
quietly leads by faith and example and has been the most amazing, wonderfully caring individual
that I am blessed to have met. I truly respect and appreciate Rosie Esh for how she follows Jesus
in her life and for the sacrifices she has made to help others in need.
God has put people in places for a reason and I thank God for this true mission-minded person
and how she has quietly led to help others.
Rosie knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
Being on the For One Life Board has given me the opportunity to hear how impactful Rosie has
been in her early life for so many and I am grateful for her leadership.
My wife and I believe very much in local mission through giving to our local community needs and
through our local church missions. For many years, we supported our global vision with a global non-profit
team and that team is
still in our hearts.
Along the way a few years ago, we came to hear about For One Life, a mission that was founded in our local
community but with
a global purpose and that purpose became very near to us. We try to support the non-profit missions that are
making a difference
to youth, not enabling people with just gifting wealth, but teaching, educating. The concept of not just giving a
person a fish, but
teaching them how to fish. That is the essence of For One Life that we felt so closely aligned. We also
acknowledged that the
management of For One Life is frugal in their administration so that more dollars go to the project as the
donations intended

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