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Community Events in India and the US

Community events that bring together young people for good, wholesome fun have become a big part of our ministry in Northeast India. Whether it’s a marathon, bicycle race, or a tournament, the objective of these community events is to build relationships with the young people of the community. In the United States, For One Life is also focused on being a part of the community in various ways, and recently helped to sponsor Fireside Fridays…you might remember this from previous emails.

Each Friday evening at Fireside Cafe, there was live music, food, cornhole playing and fellowship. his outreach connected us with hundreds of people that were not aware of For One Life and have become a part of our connection database.We gave away boxes of taffy, gift cards to the cafe, and as a culmination of the events a Breeo firepit/grill combination. We drew a name from everyone that had registered during the Fireside Friday events, and the winner was Brad Mast from Honeybrook. Congratulations and thanks to everyone that came out during the summer to enjoy Fireside and hear about For One Life!


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