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They Moved In!


Meet the newest members of our staff, Lalroutsang and his family. Lalroutsang is a brother to Johnson, a longtime staff member who oversees the farm project, Widows’s Aid, and our support of Happiness Home. 

LalroutsangLalroutsang and his family just moved into the recently – completed caretaker’s quarters on the site of the Churachandpur Community Life Center.  They will serve as caretakers of the CLC grounds during construction as well as help care for the farm project – also on the same land.

Lalroutsang will not only be a great addition to our team, but the job came at a very needed time for them as well. Here’s what he had to say about it…

Lalroutsang“My name is Lalruotsang and I am married to Darlientling. We have 3 Sons and 2 Daughters. We used to live in Saidan Village. We used to work any type of work we could find from village to village to support our family. Since the pandemic, life has been very difficult for us. Our eldest son had to stop going to college to help us earn money for his younger brothers’ and sisters’ school’s expenses. The lockdown has hit us hard and in addition to the eldest son, we even came to a decision to let two more of our children stop continuing their education. 

But God has answered our Prayer. 

LalroutsangHe has opened doors for us. God provided For One Life to us when we are desperately in need of assistance. I am extremely grateful to For One Life for giving me a Caretaker job to support my family. Not only do they provide me with a job, they even provided us a house to live in. I am happy and blessed to say that my children will now be able to continue with their education. May God bless For One Life so that the ministry will continue to be a blessing for the poor and the needy.”

We are excited to have Laltroutsand and his family on board. We will keep you posted as construction continues at CLC.

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