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Churachandpur Violence Update

The ethnic fighting in our state of Manipur in Northeast India continues
to drag on. Now in its fourth month, the people are faced with the bleak
reality that normal will never be the same. There are, and will continue
to be, many needs. Businesses will need to be rebuilt, displaced
people will need to find permanent homes, and children will need to
catch up on missed education. Many young people with the means to
do so have left permanently, creating a void that will need to be filled.
As the fighting continues, several needs have come to the forefront.
For One Life is working with two reputable organizations to meet some
of these needs.
Medical Care – A local private Christian hospital in our town has been
providing free medical care to people who have been injured in the
conflict. We are working with them by providing finances for medical
supplies, medications, and other immediate needs. We have also
provided a dialysis machine for the hospital.
Many of the tens of thousands of displaced people who are now in
Churachandpur lost everything when they were forced to flee their
homes. Living in close proximity with other people in camps makes it
easy for sicknesses to spread quickly. Healthcare is a vital necessity,
but one which many of these people cannot afford. We have
partnered with a local organization to provide medical clinics in these
Ministry – Our children’s
ministry teams have
been doing periodic
children’s programs in the displaced people camps. It is a blessing for
our team and volunteers to be able to continue interacting with children
even when the normal programs are not an option.
Food Distribution – Because access to the state capital of Imphal is
still cut off, supplies need to come by a much longer route through the
mountains. This has driven up the prices of essentials dramatically and
created shortages of other items. Our team has been distributing bags
of rice to some of the families affected by this.
Humanly speaking, a resolution to the conflict looks a
long way off. Please continue to pray with us for peace
in the region.

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