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As the months have dragged on since the first outbreak of violence in Manipur…


As the months have dragged on since the first outbreak of violence in Manipur, the situation has become more and more hopeless (humanly speaking.) The needs have become more pronounced.

A few weeks ago, BBC did an informative piece on the situation. You can watch that report here — While most of the reporting on the situation has been severely biased, I felt that this report portrayed the situation accurately. It’s worth watching.

Our hometown of Churachandpur is finding its own sense of a new normal. Even though the front line is only thirty minutes away and gunfights break out regularly, shops and restaurants have begun reopening and schools have resumed classes. However, most of the able-bodied males are “on-duty” and take regular shifts guarding the front line. For the past few weeks, things have been relatively quiet, but the tension — and the very real possibility of a flareup — is something the people there live with constantly.

What are we doing? For One Life has been responding to the situation in several areas:

  • Relief work among the displaced people – An estimated 30,000 displaced people are living in relief camps right in our hometown of Churachandpur. Most of them fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs. We have been working with a local organization to provide essential supplies in the camps.
  • Children’s Ministry – Our children’s ministry team has been holding Kingdom Kids programs with children from the relief camps.
  • Medical Support – For One Life has been working with a local organization to provide much-needed medical care in the relief camps. We have also been working with a local Christian hospital to provide medical aid to those affected by the unrest.

How can you help? This situation will have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect on the area. I feel that many of the challenges are still ahead. I also feel that For One Life will be uniquely positioned to respond to some of those challenges. We will have a role to play in the healing and restoration of the community.

  • Sponsoring Supplies – As winter approaches, warmer clothing and blankets will be a big need in the relief camps.
  • Financial Support – Businesses will need to be rebuilt, people will need to find homes, and many will even face issues of survival as time without regular income drags on. We would like to build up our cash reserve fund to be able to respond to these needs in the coming months and years.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Michael Esh

International Director

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