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An Evening at the Fairgrounds

The community of Pinecraft and surrounding areas
came together once again for the 3rd Annual “Evening
at the Fairgrounds”, an event dedicated to supporting
the life-changing initiatives of For One Life. We are
deeply grateful to our sponsors, partners, and talented
performers whose support made this event possible.
An Evening at the Fairgrounds is not just about
entertainment; it’s about making a difference. While
guests enjoyed the meal, auction, raffle and concert,
they were reminded of the event’s primary purpose –
to raise funds for For One Life’s vital initiatives.
For One Life is dedicated to serving individuals and
families in need, providing essential resources, support,
and opportunities for a brighter future. The Evening at
the Fairgrounds served as a beacon of hope, rallying the
community together in a shared mission of compassion
and hope.
Next year, An Evening at the Fairgrounds will be held on
Thursday, February 13, 2025.

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