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One of For One Life’s primary goals is to provide opportunities, especially to young people. In Northeast India, we see passion, we see potential, and we see talent; however, the opportunities are simply not available like they are in many other places in the world.

We are embarking on a long-term plan to develop a 10+-acre, state-of-the-art community center, that will provide those opportunities to the community. Through discernment and conversations with community leaders and those who live in Churachandpur, we feel led to this facility as a way to foster the kind of community development and personal growth that will impact the entire community for generations to come.

Since soccer is such a beloved sport, we will start with an outdoor soccer stadium to hold clinics and trainings, league play and tournaments with regional draw. In subsequent phases, we will add facilities to host a variety of sports games, lessons and tournaments, children’s retreats, conferences and concerts for the entire community.

We are committed to adding to the local economy. As a result, the majority of jobs will be held by locals who will run the facility as well as lead students and host community events. We will also develop plans for the facilities to become financially self-sustaining as much as is possible.

Phase 1

Outdoor Athletic Facility

  • FIFA regulation sized outdoor soccer field
  • Stadium seating for 7,000 spectators
  • Ability to host tournaments, games, clinics and other outdoor events

Phase 2

Press Box and Cafe

  • To broadcast tournaments
  • Seating for 70 to gather around meals, overlooking stadium

Phase 3

Guest House

  • To host guests and ministry teams
  • Likely source of self-sustaining revenue generation

Phase 4


  • 18,000 square feet indoor
  • Full-court basketball (also can create 3 badminton courts)
  • Stadium seating for 600 spectators
  • Wellness room, workout rooms & library
  • Stage (24’X18’) to host clinics, classes and concerts

Phase 5

Multi-Purpose Hall and Dorms

  • Short-term training for young people in worship leading, leadership and missions.
  • 60 person capacity
  • Available for leader and pastor retreats

Phase 6


  • 500 person capacity
  • Host ministry events onsite
  • Self-sustaining revenue generating as rented venue for weddings, etc.


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